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CORE-1 è un micromodulo basato su BF592A di Analog Device, appartiene alla serie Blackfin e lavora a una frequenza di 400 MHz ma data la sua particolare architettura è in grado di ottenere un benchmark di 800 MMAC.

Il modulo include la generazione RESET BOOT FLASH (2Mbyte) e l'alimentazione principale.

Tutto questo con bassissimo consumo energetico, infatti l'intera elettronica a 5VDC non assorbe più di 70mA, meno di 0,5W!

CORE-1 è anche disponibile come modulo DIP.
CORE-1 is a micromodule based on BF592A by Analog Device, belongs to the series  Blackfin and works at a frequency of 400MHz but given its special architecture is able to obtain a benchmark of 800 MMACs.

The module include BOOT FLASH (2Mbyte) RESET generation and core power supply.

All this with very low power consumption, in fact the whole electronics at 5VDC absorbs no more than 70mA, less than 0.5W!
CORE-1 is also available as DIP module.
32+32+4 KByte
+3.3V Regulator
Power Supply
+5V 5%
To develop a program with CORE-1 you need to know the C language, but it is not necessary to have a thorough knowledge of the processor because of the many libraries available make it easy to carry out the project without necessarily to know in depth the processor.

In order to develop their own application was created a dedicated development environment within mdi, known for its extreme ease of use and to offer a very comfortable environment.

All of the development environment is based on the GNU Toolchain. BFTC is integrated in a modern IDE with an enhanced GUI where you can edit the source code or you can set up the DSP gates, compile/link your source code and finally  to load in RAM or FLASH memory the built binary.

CORE-1 with JTAG adapter is fully compatible with VisualDSP++ by Analog Device and with ICE100B.

BFTC (BlackFin ToolChain) is completely free of charge and all the library sources are included.

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