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Thermoelectric Technical Reference Guide is a comprehensive technical explanation of thermoelectrics and thermoelectric technology.

Browse on the pages below to know more about the use of thermoelectrics and thermoelectric technology and how to make the right choice of the modules according to your application.

Thermoelectric Reference Guide Quick Links

   1.0 Introduction to Thermoelectric Cooling
   2.0 Basic Principles of Thermoelectric Modules & Materials
   3.0 Applications for Thermoelectric Coolers

   4.0 Advantages of Thermoelectric Cooling

   5.0 Heat Sink Considerations

   6.0 Installation of Thermoelectric Modules
   7.0 Power Supply Requirements
   8.0 Thermal System Design Considerations

   9.0 Thermoelectric Module Selection

   10.0 Reliability of Thermoelectric Cooling Modules

   11.0 Mathematical Modeling of thermoelectric Cooling Modules
   12.0 Description & Modeling of Cascade Thermoelectric Modules
   13.0 Power Generation

   - Appendix A: Averaged Module Mater

   - Appendix B: Glossary of Thermoelectric and Related Terms

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