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Programming examples:

  1. Use of the 16bit 1MHz AD converter and statistics library.
  2. Test program for the BME280 sensor.
  3. CORE TIMER example of use with interrupt.
  4. Example of using the 16bit 4-channel DAC.
  5. A Dhrystone test! main - Dhrystone
  6. A test on the TFT display and the graphic primitives.
  7. Memory to memory transfers using DMA
  8. Example of use of the EEPROM available on the board.
  9. Measurement of execution times, in this case by measuring the Fibonacci sequence
  10. Create and use files on the SD using the FAT32.
  11. Diagnostic program for FPGA
  12. "Hello World" could not miss!
  13. TWI or if you prefer I2C, a very simple example.
  14. 9-axis inertial sensor test program.
  15. Graphic test with Mandelbrot!
  16. How fast is the parallel port? verify this ...
  17. We calculate 800 decimals of the number pi ... why?
  18. printf format string
  19. printf lite, a limited version for low memory consumption ...
  20. Example on how to use the Real Time Clock.
  21. scanf lite, a limited version with low memory consumption.
  22. View the properties of an Secure Digital
  23. Test the speed and reliability of an Secure Digital
  24. Touch screen calibration
  25. Generate interrupts with the eight 32-bit timers
  26. Serial, I receive and send ...
  27. Serial, I receive and send ... but under interrupt ...
  28. The Whetstone benchmark since 1972
  29. Make graphics with an LED panel that uses the WS2812
  30. Read the location of the touch from the XPT2046
  31. Interface an ultrasonic sensor HC-SR04
  32. Use of a ultrasonic sensor with the class otSonar
  33. Little player for animated GIF and video clip  SEE THE VIDEO
  34. Simulation of nixie clock SEE THE VIDEO
  35. String list classes
  36. AD9833 DDS waveform generator tested with Sharkduino+ SEE THE VIDEO
  37. Standard camera (752x480) grab modes example code
  38. Standard camera, grab and save
  39. Digital lens, library for the controls of motorized zoom
  40. Lepton module by FLIR, simple test
  41. Lepton 3 module 160x120
  42. Command interpreter, implementation of a command line or remote control
  43. A simple GUI class, easy creation without a designer.
  44. Read a rotary incremental encoder with a specific library.
  45. Air quality measure with GP2Y1010AU0F.
  46. Gas sensor test with MICS6814
  47. Diagnostic program to test USB channel connection  Executable and sources for Windows
  48. Display a number with NIXIE or 7 SEGMENT character set with otDisplay class
  49. Data plot on LCD with otPlot class
  50. MP3 Mini Player
  51. Opto isolated shield, simple test. SEE THE VIDEO
  52. PCA9505 40 bit I2C parallel port, init and test
  53. Microstep shield, SEE THE VIDEO
  54. DC brushed motor shield, SEE THE VIDEO
  55. Spectrometer shield, grab spectrals and display it on LCD
  56. Si4703 FM radio module
  57. VL53L0X Time-of-Flight (ToF) laser-ranging module
  58. Image Detection - It recognizes things and objects in an image
  59. NMEA protocol simulation test
  60. NMEA tested with GPS
  61. Using the otMatrix class, easy matrix calculation
  62. LCD library test, configured to work with parallel HD44780 compatible LCDs, and interfaced via PCF8574 I2C serial extender.

Little more complex programming example:

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