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In questa pagina si riporta una piccola lista di semplici applicazioni o classi C++ open source. Sono sicuramente utili per chi vuole esempi di programmazione in C++ con Qt. Tutti i progetti sono stati sviluppati con Visual Studio 2008 e Qt 4.8.7
This page contains a short list of simple applications or C++ classes open source. They are definitely helpful for those who want examples of programming in C++ with Qt. All projects have been developed with Visual Studio 2008 and Qt 4.8.7
Color editor, select a color from a palette or a color list name and get its numerical value in different formats.
License: GPL
Downloads: Source
Very simple widget to display numbers in seven segment or nixie style.
The created display is built with real images and not with synthetic images, in my opinion, this enhances the perception of the display itself.
The display format is specified with a string like ####.## but also string like ##.##.## are accepted.
Method display update the contents.
In the source is present an example and the designer plugin.
1.0.0 2010/01/13 First release
1.0.1 2010/01/14 Some little improvement
License: GPL
Downloads: Source

QtBasic: a simple basic interpreter with Qt influences.

It’s quite difficult (and not very smart) to impose its own priorities onto a client.
By this I mean that the devices I build require the writing of a script in order to realize small automations according to necessity.
Javascript is my favourite scripting language, but my clients are quite the opposite opinion.
On the contrary, when I propose BASIC to my customers, they start smiling and look very pleased!
In my opinion this is a matter of culture: BASIC language is considered a simple language, but is it really that simple? Well, if that’s what they want ...
The thing I’m talking about is really quite easy, MTParser (
) is widely used in order to solve algebraic expressions.
QtBasic it’s quite slow, absolutely incomplete and poorly documented! But if someone would find himself under the same ‘disgraceful’ conditions as I do, he could freely use it and create a basis.
In order to evaluate it, I would advise you to download the RAR binary, unzip it and launch CEDT.EXE, a small editor through which you can open the available examples.
After pressing CTRL+1, they are executed.
That’s all! I’ve developed it under Win7 with VS2008 and the Qt 4.7.4., and really wouldn’t know if it works on another platform.


QMB Advanced and quick basic interpreter with Qt IDE
QMB is an IDE developed with Qt 4.8.7 and with My_Basic by Wang Renxin
For more infos on My_Basic please visit:

1.0.0 2016/06/11 First alpha release
License: GPL
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